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Only 7% of all students who took the AP CS A exam were Black, Latinx or Native American/Alaskan Native girls.

Higher Education

Black, Latinx, and Native American/Alaskan Native women earn just 10% of Bachelor’s degrees in computing.

Tech Workforce

Less than 1% of Silicon Valley tech leadership positions are held by Latinx women and less than .5% are held by Black women.


Underrepresented women of color receive less than 1% of all venture funding and represent only 1% of all venture professionals.

This project aims to increase the number of women and girls of color pursuing and completing CS degrees, and participating in the tech workforce, entrepreneurship and venture capital. We aim to do this by conducting and disseminating research on:

Data trends among women of color in computing education and career pathways

Barriers to participation in computing among women of color

Innovative and effective interventions and strategies to increase participation in computing among women of color

Women of Color In Computing: A Researcher-Practitioner Collaborative

The Women of Color in Computing collaborative is an exciting partnership between researchers and practitioners to develop, test, and scale strategies, programs, and interventions to increase the participation and persistence of women of color in the technology ecosystem.


The experience, knowledge, and creativity of women of color is critical to technological innovation and advancement. Yet, much of the research and data on increasing diversity in tech has focused on women people of color, while overlooking underrepresented women of color in computing and their unique obstacles and experiences.


This project will fund and disseminate research on the following priority topic areas:


  • Entry, Persistence, and Degree Completion in Computing in Higher Education


  • Participation and Retention of Women of Color in the Technology Workforce


  • Participation of Women of Color Across the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Ecosystem

Watch Dr. Kim Scott discuss the Women of Color in Computing Collaborative on PBS program Horizonte (KAET, Phoenix, Arizona, September 5, 2018).


What We're Doing

Through this collaborative, academic researchers will work side-by-side with educators, diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners, tech industry leaders, and venture capitalists to translate emerging research findings into actionable practices and inform strategies which can be scaled broadly to ensure women of color are included as leaders and creators in the rapidly growing technology ecosystem.  

Who we are

Principal Investigators

Allison Scott Headshot

Dr. Allison Scott, Chief Research Officer, Kapor Center

Frieda McAlear hi-res headshot

Frieda McAlear, M.Res., Senior Research Associate, Kapor Center


Dr. Kimberly A. Scott, Professor and Founding Executive Director, Center for Gender and Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST), Arizona State University

Advisory Board

Barb Whye


Laura Huang

Harvard University

Monica Anderson

Pew Research

Renee Wittemyer

Pivotal Ventures

Evelynn Hammonds

Harvard University

Brenda Darden Wilkerson

Anita Borg Institute

Sarah EchoHawk

Sarah Echohawk, American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Ulili Onovakpuri

Kapor Capital

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Please send any questions about the WOC in Computing Research Collaborative to Frieda McAlear, friedam@kaporcenter.org

Please send any questions about the WOC in Computing Research Collaborative to Frieda McAlear, friedam@kaporcenter.org.


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